Engine Care

Enkla och effektiva lösningar för vård av bensin- och dieselmotorer, samt produkter som rengör och bidrar till att förbättra effektiviteten i bilens olje- och kylsystem.
Engine Oil Treatment

Additive package to help reducing oil loss caused by leaking engine seals. Compatible with all common seals and with all types engine of oil for gasoline and petrol engines.

Engine Oil System Cleaner

Highly effective cleaning concentrate for petrol and diesel engines. Dissolves and disperses soluble dirt and sludge deposits. Prevents early contamination of the fresh oil after the oil change.

Engine Oil Stop Leak

Special additive package for reducing oil consumption. Ensures viscosity and effectively seals leaks in the engine oil system.

Cooling System Stop Leak

Special sealant for cooling systems. Effectively prevents coolant loss by sealing hairline cracks in the radiator, cylinderhead and engineblock. Prevents sealant sweating. Compatible with all types of coolant.

Cooling System Cleaner

Cleaning concentrate for a thorough cleaning of the radiator and heating system. Effectively removes and binds oil and grease residue. Permeates and removes sludge and corrosion residues. Suitable for all cooling systems.

Diesel System Cleaner

Concentrated cleaning additive for diesel engines. For instant cleaning of the diesel system. Removes deposits to help restoring engine performance. Recommended when engine performance is poor, fuel consumption is high or emission readings indicate issues.

Cold Flow Improver

Highly effective flow enhancer for diesel. Reduces gelling tendency of diesel at low temperatures and improves combustion. Ideal solution to prevent cold start and cold running problems in low temperature conditions.

DPF Cleaner & Regenerator

Special additive package to lower the burn-off temperature of soot in the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). Keeps the DPF clean and enables regeneration. Especially recommended when driving conditions are unfavorable. Recommended to use every three refuels.

Petrol System Cleaner

Concentrated cleaning additive for petrol engines. For instant cleaning of the petrol system. Removes harmful deposits to help restoring engine performance and promote fuel economy.